Forte, W.S.P


Vitamin A and Vitamin K3 combination


Per 100 gr: Vitamin A 2.000.000 IU Vitamin K3 800 mg.


In heamorrhagic conditions in poultry and suckling animals:
-To compensate the vitamin deficiency, due to applications of sulphonamides and antibiotics by oral route.
-To improve the resistance in serious stress conditions and infectious diseases.
-In the therapy of clinical coccidiosis to reduce intestinal haemorrhagia and to compensate the vitamin deficiencies due to antibacterial effects of some anticoccidial drugs,
-To treat petechial hemorrhagies of internal organs and muscles due to mycotoxicosis and other diseases.

1) In Poultry:
a) For compensation of vitamin deficiency 100 g (one bag) of AVIT-K is added into 400 liters of drinking water (1 teaspoonful for 20 L.)
b) In the cases of clinical coccidiosis and other haemorrhagic conditions 100 g of AVIT-K is added into 400 liters of drinking water up to clinical recovery as requested.
2) In Suckling Animals:
For 5 lambs or kids            1 teaspoonful (4 g daily)
For 1 calf                              1 teaspoonful (4 g daily)
Boxes of 10 baglets of 100 g., 1 kg. plastic package.